Young people/youth = anyone 25 years old or younger.

Tenants = anyone without full control over their housing including renters, unhoused people, folks in temporary housing, and mortgage holders.

The Youth Alliance for Housing (YAH) is a collective of young people fighting to radically transform the housing system in amerikkka. While youth typically are not the 'head of household' or handling the legal aspects of housing, we are tenants too! YAH highlights the intersectionality of housing issues and builds the power of young people within the broader tenant movement.


The Youth Alliance for Housing (YAH) envisions a world where housing is decommodified, houselessness does not exist, and everyone is guaranteed a safe, quality, and permanently affordable home.

We fight to transform the housing system into one in which landlords and the real estate industry do not profit off historically marginalized communities, where tenants have power and decision making over their housing, and where young people have an influential voice in shaping the housing system.


We believe those closest to the issues are closest to the solutions. We are experts in our own experiences and are motivated to take leadership in YAH because we know the empowerment of young people is vital to advancing the broader tenants movement. Through a deep commitment to transforming culture, community building, and leadership development, we build power that aims to provide young people with autonomy and control over our lives.

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